Project Description

Montebello was the first city in Los Angeles County to build a library with funds raised by a bond issue ($30,000). The building was erected in July 1930 at 115 So. Taylor Avenue. It served the community for 36 years before the library’s current building was dedicated on October 20th, 1966. Athena Engineering, Inc. was brought on board to replace the existing, outdated chiller, condensing unit, and associated components located in the basement of the Library. Following the demolition and removal of the existing unit, Athena Engineering, Inc. installed an 80-ton Trane chiller and a custom Energy Labs condensing unit along with a 500-gallon buffer tank, variable frequency drives, and pumps.

The project posed an interesting challenge – the condensing unit for the chiller, typically located on the roof of a facility, required installation in the basement. This was due to multiple factors including site and permitting requirements. In conjunction with DMG, Energy Labs, D. Burke Mechanical and our in-house team, the custom air-cooled condensing unit was designed for this unique placement.

Click below to view a panorama of the chiller installation!