We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

-Winston Churchill-

To those whom much is given, much is expected. Giving at Athena Engineering, Inc. is not an obligation, it is a privilege – we live by the Golden Rule and believe that we MUST help others in the communities we work and live in. Our first focus is taking care of our team members so that they can take care of their families. Then we take care of our wider community through formal giving channels, walks, runs, in-kind donations, bike rides, and whatever else we can do to take care of people or our planet.

We give more than we get in order to continue a virtuous cycle of love wherever we can make an impact, big or small.

Some of the missions we’ve adopted as a company, include:

  • Education & Economic Empowerment of Women & Girls

  • Leadership Education & Social Entrepreneurship

  • Protection of the Health & Well-Being of Children & Adults

  • Contributing to the Community of Diverse-Owned Business Enterprises

When Richard and I founded Athena Engineering, Inc., it was our dream to build a company to support our family, but to also support the family’s of our employee’s. We believe that our job as citizens of this global community is to find our success while helping others with a hand-up. That is our American dream – working hard while giving others a chance at their own success. I’m proud to be an Athena Engineering, Inc. team member – we’re small, but wow we’re mighty.

Jannie Chiera • President & CEO