SAN DIMAS, CA. – January 19, 2021Athena Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company’s leadership team was featured in the national publication, Diversity Professional Magazine (DP). The article, entitled “Athena Engineering: Conquering Adversity with Resilience,” is published in the Winter edition of DP.

Athena Engineering, led by the Chiera Family, including Jannie Chiera, President and CEO, Richard Chiera, Executive Vice President, and Athena Chiera, Vice President of Business Development were honored to be invited for an interview in October explaining the company’s history, trials, tribulations, and successes. The Diversity Professional article discusses the factors that led to Athena Engineering’s founding, growth, and triumph in difficult times. All three members of the Chiera clan were interviewed and their own dynamic as a family-led business was explored at length.

Jannie and Richard started the company and after only two years in business, the bottom fell out of the economy, Richard muses,  “I had a suit and a uniform in my truck. I’d go out and sell to clients in my suit. Then I’d leave and return two hours later in my uniform to do the work. Most clients were understanding and the engineers and line people actually respected it.” The company ethos is best summed up by Athena when she says, “Whatever the problem is, we figure it out. That’s how they raised me. Nothing has ever been handed to any of us. We scrape. We hustle. We don’t stop.”

The full article can be read in January’s Digital Edition of Diversity Professional Magazine or download the article.


About Athena Engineering, Inc.

Athena Engineering, Inc. is a building systems contractor that helps commercial, industrial, and institutional clients find comfort in their environments and gives them the tools to maintain it. Our in-house Mechanical HVAC construction and Building Automation divisions specialize in notoriously complicated environments like hospitals, laboratories, infrastructure, utility, and operational facilities. Founded in 1984 by Richard and Jannie Chiera, our family of team members now numbers over 40 people. The 36-year old company was the recipient of the NMSDC National Minority Supplier of the Year and the WBEC-WEST Woman-Owned Business of the Year in 2018. Learn more about us. 


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