A Message about our COVID-19 Response

The Official Stuff

First and foremost, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you as we deal with these unprecedented times. Our offices and jobsites are open to continue servicing our clients, but are restricted from public access.

Our absolute TOP priority is the safety of our team, trade parters, clients, and the general public. Our Superintendents and Foremen have been instructed to immediately dismiss ANY people on site that are exhibiting signs of illness and then disinfect the areas properly. If a positive COVID-19 result is found among any people working on our jobsites, we will send out communications to those effected immediately. We are closely monitoring CDC , state, county, and local government-issued information, recommendations, and mandates to ensure all Athena Engineering’s staff and crews are up to date with the best practices. Our intention is to keep all current and future schedules moving forward and our subcontractors working as long as it is safe to do so. Our Response Plan and other resources are all linked below.

From My Heart

The current situation is a Cuban’s version of personal hell – no hugging, no kissing, strict personal space boundaries, and the list goes on. This is so counter to the culture I grew up in and a situation I hope we never have to live through again. Thank you to my amazing team that collectively came in and said “we got this,” and has pushed on through the long days and even longer weeks to service our clients. It is their humor, laughter, and love that keeps this place running every day and that is no truer than right now. They are my heroes – the invisible heroes of this crisis. My other heroes? The grocery store employees who secretly let people into the back of the warehouse to get much needed supplies. The FedEx, UPS, and USPS delivery personnel who smile at the door each day despite the masks they’re wearing. The small business owners in our community helping others, despite their own struggles. The doctors, nurses, hospital janitors, and others who are saving lives each day. Thank you to all of you, especially to my awe-inspiring team.

We will get through this stronger, better, and more unified than ever. The strongest metals are forged in fire.

Faith lives in our hearts – remember to hold it tight,


Our COVID-19 Plan