In September, the Cal State University Fullerton Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers visited Athena Engineering’s offices in San Dimas. Bridgette Forbes, a Project Engineer in the Building Automation Department, and Matt Brock, a Project Engineer in the Construction Department coordinated their visit and taught the student’s about careers in mechanical systems construction. The 15 students that came to our office came from a variety of backgrounds and declared majors, but had a shared interest in what a career in mechanical engineering looks like. Bridgette and Matt took the time to explain (over pizza, of course) what a day in the life of a mechanical engineer can look like in our industry, including design, energy efficiency studies, programming, and building. After all, the ultimate reward to a mechanical engineer in construction is that we get to design, but also construct our dreams!

If your student organization is interested in learning about careers in construction, shoot us an email or check out our internship program!

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