Procore, the cloud-based construction management software used by Athena Engineering, Inc., came to our offices a couple months ago to learn about our business and how we use Procore. After an awesome day of interviews, birthday cake, and making sure we did nothing embarrassing the Procore crew presented us with the final result.

In the words of Procore:

With $5K and a garage, Athena Engineering was born.

When this small company started, Athena herself was well on her way to making a mark on the construction landscape. While it took a few decades later for her to officially join her parents at Athena Engineering, you could say that Athena was born in construction. And she’s been helping build their business with Procore’s help. Athena & Richard, the Executive Vice President (and her Father), researched and added Procore to their company to streamline collaboration, centralize their data, and to keep an eye on their job sites from their desks. They’ve gained an ROI that is enabling their business to win more business. And they’re looking toward the future. Find out all the reasons why Athena made Procore their technology partner.

We are proud to be a partner of Procore and excited to work with them on this and other initiatives, including Procore Women in Construction. Thanks Procore for a great day!

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