This past holiday season, our teams at Athena Engineering decided to amp up the holiday spirit with a little friendly (-ish) competition. All of the departments, including Administration, Estimating, Construction, Building Automation, Accounting / Purchasing, and Operations decorated the tinsel out of their work areas for our first ever Department Decorating Competition. Everyone voted on the winner during our annual holiday party, and despite a much contested selection process, the estimating department won (only to be challenged by the rest of the departments).

Now, to say the competition went a little crazy is only to say we approached this challenge like we do everything else – with true obsessive compulsive, slightly fanatic detail. The estimating department constructed an entire lighted canopy out of PVC, Building Automation had a hand-milled grinch and hand-made quilts, Accounting had a Santa checking a list and an 8-foot snowman, Construction projected Christmas classics and handed out freshly baked treats amongst their many lights, and finally administration had a fireplace and brick facade with giant strung lights. Um – WOW!

A huge thanks to everyone that joined the competition and really showed their Christmas spirit. The bar is stratospherically high for 2018’s competition to say the very least. Watch the video to see more, and see the pictures for some more detailed shots!

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