Project Description

Athena Engineering had the opportunity to complete many projects as part of job order contract with the Los Angeles School District, including an ADA upgrade at Coldwater Canyon Elementary School. This beautiful campus is located in North Hollywood CA, and serves just south of 800 students ranging from the kindergarten level to the fifth grade.

In this project Athena Engineering and our team of subcontractors made modifications to path of travels in several locations, while simultaneously making ADA modifications inside the fourth and fifth grade restrooms. The modifications to the path of travel included removing and replacing the asphalt to make corrections to cross and running slopes. In separate locations, we managed the installation of two new TMP ramps providing safe handicap access into classrooms. Our scope inside the restrooms included providing all new accessible and ambulatory toilets, accessible lavatories, as well as all accessible accessories and code-compliant hardware.  Once completed these restrooms provided the fourth and fifth grade students a new accessible restroom. Our team safely completed this project while students were present and the school was fully-operational.