Project Description

The Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center is the county courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, California. Originally known as the Criminal Courts Building, in 2002 it was renamed the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, after Clara S. Foltz, the first female lawyer on the west coast of the United States (and also the first person to propose the creation of a public defender’s office). Athena Engineering, Inc. was contracted to replace the pneumatic controls on the 18th Floor of the Criminal Court Building, which houses the child support services department (approximately 54,000 square feet).

This project was a full replacement of pneumatic tubing throughout the entire 18th floor for all vav boxes, devices and thermostats. In addition, the scope included the replacement of all actuators and required a full air balance. The project was completed while the building was fully operational, requiring graveyard work hours. The asbestos containing materials throughout the floor required containment, specialized safety training, respirators, and haz-mat suiting for personnel . To protect the building from potential distribution of asbestos, the entire floor was negatively pressurized.