Project Description

This design-assist project was awarded to Athena Engineering, Inc. by the Southern California Gas Company, a division of Sempra Energy. The Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility is an oil field and natural gas storage facility in the Santa Susana Mountains in Los Angeles County, California. This gas storage reservoir is the second-largest natural gas storage site in the western United States, with a capacity of over 86 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

The primary scope was the renovation and reconfiguration of the primary entrance to the gas storage facility. The project was made additionally complicated by dual jurisdiction – half the project was located in the County of Los Angeles and the other half was located in the City of Los Angeles. The scope included:

  • 72 pylons driven into 70 plus feet of bedrock for construction of a new retaining wall to widen the road leading into the facility
  • A new guardshack, security gates and arms
  • De-watering and full environmental protection protocols in a wilderness area
  • Poured asphalt, concrete, steel beams, reconfigured existing sewers and water supply lines